Rinnegan Story



Rinnegan is the most powerful doujutsu among the three great eye techniques in Naruto manga comic, the other two doujutsu are Sharingan and Byakugan. Rinnegan transmigration eye or sometimes called metempsychosis eye which referred to reincarnation or rebirth is characterized by a number of concentric ripple-like circles around the pupil of the user. This power being said to be able to bring salvation when the world is in chaos or destroy the world reducing everthing to dust. Rinnegan is the advance bloodline inheritance limit and was originally possessed by Rokudou Sennin the Sage of the six paths, Rokudou Sennin is also the founder of the ninja world and the creator of ninja techniques called ninjutsu. Currently Pein the Akatsuki leader is the only known user of Rinnegan power.

Pein’s History and Identity


Pein is the leader of Akatsuki the S-rank criminal organization and possessed the legendary Rinnegan power. Pein was a Hidden Rain missing-nin who was rumored to come from the Fuuma clan, note that this is a different clan than the one located in the Rice Field country. During the early age Pein was also known as Nagato. Nagato is very sensitive and cry alot. Yahiko, Konan and Nagato is left orphaned as their parent passed away by one of Amegakures wars, forcing them to fend for themselves. The three eventually find Jiraiya who later take them as student and taught them the basic of ninjutsu for three years. Yahiko learn water element jutsu, Konan learn paper jutsu and Nagato learn wind element jutsu.

During three year training time, Nagato have awakened his Rinnegan power in the battle with Iwagakure chuunin to save Yahiko without knowing what had happen at all during his blackout, though this event traumatized him, Jiraiya gave Nagato words of advice to get over the event, Nagato then come to accept this and seems to keep his rinnegan power active constantly all the time. After three year past, Jiraiya left the three to survive for themself on their own, news have reached jiraiya that they had all passed away while this event are still unexplained. At present Pein has since lost any affection, love and respect he once held for his former teacher Jiraiya.

Pein and his shinobi ninja followers eventually began a civil war with Amegakure which he single handed killed the legendary salamander ninja and villages leader name Sanshouuo no Hanzou. To make sure there were no sympathizers of Hanzou remaining in the village, Pein goes after all of Hanzou’s family, and friends elevating him to god status amongst the towns people. He now uses the village as his base of operations for Akatsuki organization where he is partnered with Konan, although he directs the actions of the other Akatsuki members and maintains authority over them, he still take order from Tobi.

During childhood, Pein also utilizes the wind release jutsu violent wind palm which is a technique that creates a powerful gust of wind from his palm. Pein has displayed the ability to control rain fall which also able to detect the movements and chakra levels of people traveling within it, there is a rumor that this rain fall ability could be the ability of his childhood best friend Yahiko. Although he has not been seen in battle, Konan said that Pein has never lost a single battle.

yahiko first rinnegan host rinnegan first body Pein’s first body (Yahiko), mainly used water element jutsu such as chakra sensing rain fall.
second rinnegan host rinnegan second body Pein’s second body (Fuuma clan), mainly used animal summoning techniques in the attack.
third rinnegan host rinnegan third body Pein’s third body that were summoned later, this thin body used taijutsu in attack and defence.
fourth rinnegan host rinnegan fourth body Pein’s fourth body which was summoned the same time as the third body, this fat body used ability to absorb any chakra attack.
fifth rinnegan host rinnegan fifth body Pein’s fifth body, primary use long range attack.
sixth rinnegan host rinnegan sixth body Pein’s sixth body.

Shouten no Jutsu – Shape Changing Technique

shouten no jutsu rinnegan body control

This rinnegan technique deals with bodies using human sacrifices Pein can create clones of his subordinates which are under their control and can be used to engage their enemies without risking their own lives. The clones formed are perfect copies of the original, possessing any unique genetic traits or weapons that they may possess. The clones abilities are proportional to the amount of chakra given to them during the chakra transfer process. Once the chakra runs out, the sacrifice body dies and the true identity of the lifeless body will be revealed.

As seen in the picture Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki controlling the sacrifices body from far away place.


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